Did you throw away your Google Glass? Or were not just using it anymore? Well get up and put em on once again, as Google just revived the Glass project with two new updates!

Over the last two days, Google released updates to it’s Glass App and Hardware. These updates come almost after a good long 3 years, in which most people considered Google having killed off the project, but it seems Google still kept it going and with the global interest rising in AR and VR related projects, both at Hardware and Software level, Google might have just decided to jump back on the AR bandwagon with it’s long forgotten Glass Project.

Google Glass which was last updated to XE22, has now gotten updated to XE23 along with update to its “MyGlass” companion app, some bug fixes and now support for Bluetooth! This means now your Glass can be synced up to bluetooth devices such as keyboards & mouse. So next time you want to give a presentation, all you would require is your Glass and Bluetooth enabled presentation controls, no more need for monitors to do all the work.

To get this latest update, all you need to do is grab your Glass and plug it in, and you should see the update drop in via OTA update.

Google possible is reviving the Glass project on the heel of Snapchat Spectacles as well as Apple’s possible interest in a similar wearable.


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