Prisma for Android (Beta) Released

Prisma the popular and hugely viral photo app has just unveiled its beta app for Android users.

It has been available on iOS for over five weeks, yet it’s already the number one app in 40+ countries, and has been downloaded over 7.5 million times, generating 1.5 million daily active users.

Prisma has a lot of cool new features, and a ton of them more in the pipeline, a Prisma Video feature, 360-degree Prisma images and new ‘styles’

Given the huge demand, buzz and photos going viral online, Android users have been a frustrated lot, as Prisma is only been available for iOS and on Apple’s App Store, however today Prisma had announced that it’s going to release a beta version of it’s Android App and users can request an app invite via Prisma’s website, however soon after putting out this update as well as the huge influx of users accessing the app via an APK file uploaded online, Prisma has decided to close it’s beta Android app until further notice.

Those who downloaded and installed the APK, or had legitimately being using the Android beta via an official Prisma invite, will now find they’re no longer able to access the app.

 Here’s what Prisma said about this on its Facebook Page today.
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